Free Automated Vulnerability Scan

We are offering a free one-time automated vulnerability scan for your external corporate website/application. You will be provided with a report that summarizes any vulnerabilities that are detected during the scan.

What is an automated vulnerability scan?

An automated vulnerability scan is a process that uses software tools to scan your website/application and identify potential security vulnerabilities. This type of scan can quickly identify common vulnerabilities such as outdated software components, various injections, or misconfigured settings.

Limitations of automated vulnerability scans:

It’s important to note that automated vulnerability scans have limitations and are not a substitute for manual security testing. Automated scans can only detect vulnerabilities that can be identified using pre-defined rules and algorithms. They are unable to identify vulnerabilities that require manual testing or those that require a deep understanding of the application’s business logic. Additionally, automated scans may produce false positives or false negatives, which can affect the accuracy of the results.

However, automated vulnerability scans can be a useful first step in identifying potential vulnerabilities in your website/application. If any vulnerabilities are detected during the scan, it’s recommended that you follow up with a manual security testing to verify the results and identify any additional vulnerabilities.

Where to start?

Take advantage of this free offer by filling the contact form below and let us help you identify potential vulnerabilities in your website/application.

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